John Nassari at WEDx Wyboston

11John Nassari at WEDx Wyboston

Join me on 6th November for WEDx Wyboston where I will be presenting a seminar and answering questions.

Working in the wedding industry since 2007, I have always been busy with both commercial photography and personal work. At WEDx I will be exploring why I feel it is important to have a diverse practice, and the difference of working in studios with employees and working solo. My talk will be followed by a Q&A Session hosted by Tracy Butterfield, allowing you to get all your burning questions answered!

WEDx is a series of seminars for people who are serious about taking their business to the next level. Over the course of a full day, you’ll hear from some of the top names working within the Wedding Industry. To top it off, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity of networking with a community of likeminded people.

Don’t miss the wonderful Karen Cinnamon of Smashing the Glass who will be doing a talk before mine on how to market yourself effectively through social media.

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