Nassari Tips #3 – Working with a Videographer

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Working with a videographer can be a joy or a challenge, and is dependent on the personalities and the approach of both teams. I have my own video team, and I developed it some years ago almost entirely due to realising the difficulties you can have with videographers. One particular videographer I worked with brought a whole host of no-nos that a documentary-style videographer should never do:

  • Steady-cams directly in front of the couple
  • Retaking shots while the photographer is focusing on doing natural moments
  • Standing in the photographer’s way
  • Behaving in an inconsiderate and loud manner

So, generally-speaking, when I’ve had bad experiences with videographers, it’s mainly because they have an entirely different approach to me.

What are the benefits of having your own videography team?

It’s a great solution for many reasons:

  1. We’re all linked up. We communicate together through our walkie-talkies, so we never step on each other’s toes or get into each other’s shots
  2. The approach is identical – you won’t get one style of photography and another style of videography. You end up with a coherent, complementary result
  3. Your team are made up of people you’ve selected for skills that you know and trust to get the job done well
  4. One point of contact. This is me – I manage both teams, so with one person coordinating, there’s less chance of confusion and no need for the wedding couple to worry about what’s going on with their photos and video. I deal with the staff, the teams, the timing, the organising, the contract. It all comes via one source: me.

So, should a photographer always use their own team if they have one?

Although I advocate having your own team, that’s not to say using independent videographers are bad. On the contrary, I have collaborated with some videographers who I’ve really worked well with and who have a great professional, supportive approach. When I was recently working on a high-profile wedding – the videographer said that he was amazed at how thoughtful I was in the way I managed things. He appreciated that I was efficient and showed some understanding towards his team of videographers, and in turn he offered this back. It was great teamwork.

Big Tip!

If you don’t want to use a company that provides both the photos and video, ensure you speak with the photographer about who they work well with. Similarly, videographers will also have a go-to photographer. Remember: If the teams work brilliantly, they’re sure to create brilliant results for you.

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