Wedding Photography Masterclass at Hedsor House

11Hedsor House

In November 2016 John Nassari had the privilege of hosting a Wedding Photography Masterclass at the stunning Hedsor House. Attendees were given an exclusive insight into John’s creative process and wedding photography methods, as well as hands-on experience photographing a wedding style shoot, planned and decorated by some of the industry’s finest suppliers.

The masterclass began with a discussion about John’s work, his background and his approach to photography over the past 25 years.

“I loved listening to John’s approach about how he lights certain situations, thinks outside the box, and just his enthusiasm in the way he speaks”

In addition to talking about his body of work, John discussed the important details about how he markets and situates his brand, to help photographers new to weddings think about how they might frame their contracts.

By lunchtime, the models and table were ready. The attendees were set up to shoot the beautifully decorated table, amazing cakes and professional bride and groom models in and around the house, with expert guidance and advice from John every step along the way.

“It was a really good morning – I came here with little to no experience in any kind of wedding shooting so it was really insightful, the knowledge that John provided”

“Getting to grips with the models, shooting with LED lights, challenging yourself, taking yourself out of comfort zone, I think that’s what photography’s about, is pushing the boundaries and yourself”

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