John Nassari at The Photography Show


A much anticipated event in the image-making community’s calendar, this year’s show will take place between 16-19 March, offering visitors the chance to try the latest technology from leading photography brands and access a variety of seminars, demos and conferences, designed to suit all levels of photographer.

In conjunction with Olympus, John will be taking part in two events, taking place on the Monday and Tuesday of this year’s show. See below for more details.


Improve the Quality of the Jobs You Get

Pro Conference
Monday 18th March: 11.40 – 12.10

Tickets: £10 for Pro Conference half-day

Every photographer wants better quality jobs, don’t they? Join John Nassari to learn the best way to show what you can offer.

John will be sharing advice on building your portfolio to reflect the work you want, as well as making and working contacts.


Getting Three Looks in a 10-Minute Male Portrait Session

Wedding & Portrait
Tuesday 19th March, 13.00-13.30

Tickets: FREE (after TPS entry ticket)

In this live portrait session with a male model, John Nassari will demonstrate how, by changing and mixing lights, one can get different looks very quickly.

Join him to discover how switching between flash, tungsten and a combination of the two, achieves different effects.

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