Dar Jaguar Hotel

As a busy designer and stylist for her couture fashion and bridal house, The State of Grace, Lucia Silver created Dar Jaguar as a place to escape, explore and find inspiration. She says, “Dar Jaguar is all about romance and enchantment – the sounds, fragrances and colours that transport you to an idyllic world where we invite you to ‘lose your mind and come to your senses’.”

John and Lucia conducted the shoot across three days in November 2015. Lucia styled and art directed the shoot alongside John’s technical and lighting mastery. They created a magical synthesis of skills producing first class art directed and styled photography.

The shoot produced a series of photographs that captured the sumptuous and deeply romantic nature of this hidden jewel. Lucia says: “With his extraordinary technical expertise combined with his heartfelt sensibility, I knew that John could capture this very particular feeling for me”