Nassari Tips #2 – Feeding your Photographer

Find out John’s thoughts on why you should always feed your photographer!

Why should you feed your wedding photographer?

Okay, I would say that because I’m a photographer and I want to be fed… But on so many levels it makes sense, for the following reasons:

  • Many of my shoots are way over 8 hours. I shoot many Greek, Jewish and Asian weddings – 10/12 hours long
  • Large teams of 4, 5 or 6 people can accompany me – sometimes I’m doing video and photography
  • We’re often on location, and while working, not near to anywhere we could go and buy food
  • And, why wouldn’t you feed the people you’re employing? We’re service-providers, we’re there for you, and we don’t stop. The only time during a 12-hour period when we pause is to sit and eat
  • We’re a big part of the day.

When would a photographer get chance to eat?

While the guests are eating, this is the only time we can grab a break. It’s only for about 40 minutes because we’re usually back out there for speeches or other things that might be going on during dinner that we need to cover. So, basically, we’re shooting about 95% of the whole day – which is of course fine, but that’s why photographers will generally expect to be fed. It’s also in my contract: food required for myself and my team. It doesn’t have to be the same food as the guests’, and one meal is often fine, as long as it’s hearty and provides us with energy to get the job done.

Have there been occasions where you’ve not been fed?

It’s never happened to me before, but if it did I’d quote the wording in my contract. Quite honestly, I believe it would be an unintentional error by the couple – I’m sure they’d be mortified if they knew and would sort it out. But if a couple knowingly did that, then I wonder how the photographer and videographer would feel about that. They’re there to produce great work and are a big part of the day.

Not feeding your photographer is short-sighted. They can feel under-valued and you may not get the best of their skills. Respect your photographer and you’ll not only have a happy media crew, but great snaps that you’ll cherish for years to come!

Big Tip!

Consider your photographer as a member of the wedding party. Natural/documentary photographers, like John, subtly blend-in and capture moments of the day that the rest of us are not even thinking about. The easiest and politest way around it is to provide them with some sustenance. Remember: Your photographer records the most important day of your life!

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