Nassari Tips #1 – Editing

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How much editing would you expect your photographer to do?

This is a good question, and worth exploring with your photographer before you book them. It also largely depends on what you want, so if the couple is looking for more natural photography, and they’re booking a natural documentary-style approach, then it would be quite surprising to get an overly-retouched set of images.

What if the client is looking for highly-stylised images?

If clients prefer images that have been heavily retouched, then it makes sense to check if they’re booking a natural documentary-approach photographer or not, so then the style of the images will be more to their taste, and their expectations will be managed from the beginning.

How would you describe your style?

My work is very natural and very documentary, so I try and stay true to the genre. The documentary form – which is one of the earliest forms of photography, coming from street photography over 100 years ago – requires this natural representation, so I don’t over-retouch. If, however, there are blemishes in a photo – or even a set of noticeable braces when someone smiles – sometimes couples want certain aspects removing from an image. But I always consider each couple individually, and I don’t offer it outright.

What I do offer is this:

  • Cleaned images; ensuring that they’re sharp and the contrasts are correct
  • Ensuring that the colour balance is correct and converting some images to black and white
  • Making editorial choices on which work better in black and white – and I always convert them myself. Sometimes they’re happy with them as I’ve edited them, and other couples may prefer a black and white image in colour, or vice versa. I’m always happy to revisit these choices with couples
  • Sometimes couples come back to me saying that they really love what’s been captured in a particular part of a photo, and often request for it to be cropped. So, naturally, I’m happy to do that for them too.

How do you feel about airbrushing?

I try and avoid over-airbrushing. It’s not my style; it’s not what I do. I think it’s important for couples to appreciate that what they’re looking at in albums on photographer websites is what they should be getting. That should be the guide for couples looking to book a photographer.

On the rare occasion, a couple might ask for ‘slimming’. Slimming on arms, for example. But, again, I consider each couple and their photos individually. If I go ahead with it, I’ll get a quote and include it in the quote I send to the couple. But it’s not part of my standard package. In my contract, I include the editing touch-ups mentioned above which all form part of the standard package couples receive from me. Anything beyond that (removing people, removing skin blemishes, airbrushing, etc), will be considered as extra, and separate quotes will be sought if this editing is agreed.

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