10 Essential Steps to Wedding Photography Success

Want to turn your wedding photography into a business but don’t know how?

Look no further than John Nassari’s latest e-learning course; a 10 unit certified program. With over two and a half hours of video tutorials included, the course is packed with insight, online resources, templates, links and sample checklists. Whether you’re a wedding photographer looking to supercharge your business, or a more versatile photographer thinking of narrowing in on weddings, this comprehensive course has everything you need to take things to the next level.

Unit 1: Wedding Photography Styles

Working out what kind of approach you’ll offer is the first significant step on your journey. In Unit 1, you will explore a number of significant genres in the wedding field, and discuss how they differ and overlap.

Unit 2: Portfolio and Populating your Website

How do you build a portfolio if you don’t have any clients yet? Also – what should you put on your site to attract clients in the first place? In this unit find out more about building – and improving – your own portfolio of images.

Unit 3: Contracts and Terms

It’s vital to have the correct terms and conditions before you start trading: getting your terms right sets your business off on the right foot. Here John shares his years of experience by sharing and examining his own contract template.

Unit 4: Pricing

Where do you place yourself in the market? How do you increase your price over time? Should you ever offer a discount, or try to up-sell clients? In this unit you will hear John’s advice for confidently setting your own rates.

Unit 5: Getting Bookings

How do you get booked? Is it down to SEO? Working with planners? Contacting venues? Getting on supplier lists? Knowing what kind of weddings you want to shoot will determine where you look for clients. In this unit, John will guide you through each method.

Unit 6: Second Shooters and Working In Teams

Working with a colleague could be the making of your business, but it could also be more trouble than it’s worth. With years of experience of shooting both by himself and with teams, this unit sees John explain the how, when, why of working with others.

Unit 7: Engagement Shoots

A wedding pre-shoot has become an essential part of the planning process – so in this unit, you will take a closer look at why this additional shoot can set your business up for success.

Unit 8: The Big Day

The day’s finally here, and your couple are ready to walk down the aisle – so it’s time to grab your camera and exceed their expectations. Discover John’s essential advice for making sure the wedding day itself goes as smoothly as possible.

Unit 9: Your Ideal Client

In Unit 9, John invites you to consider your ideal client, and explains how all your messaging – including website, email, marketing – should always speak directly to them.

Unit 10: Kit Bag

Your professional approach should be reflected by your choice of pro-level kit – so always ensure your gear will enable you to deliver what you’ve promised. Find out John’s insider tips for bringing together your own streamlined kit bag.

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