360 Tours

"The 360 interactive wedding service, seamlessly fuses wedding photography and videography, from all angles to create a very clever, interactive portal"

- Nu Bride

John developed the groundbreaking concept in 2007, while filming a documentary inside a refugee camp in Lebanon. He called it the 360 Project, a piece of work that captures a scene in panoramic view, with the addition of interactive features and the sound in the scene at the time. The resulting effect is that the audience feels as though they were present in the moment that was captured.

Having predominantly worked within the commercial and artistic worlds of photography, including teaching at university level and completing a PhD, John’s wedding photography career began in 2000, when he assisted a friend in shooting a wedding. Finding that wedding photography was moving on from its more staged origins and a more honest, reportage style was becoming popular, John fell in love with all things matrimonial.

Applying all he had learned through years of technical development, theoretical and conceptual work and the skill of capturing raw emotion, John began his wedding photography career, incorporating his innovative 360 Project into his unique wedding offerings.

John says: “There is something missing from both wedding photography and videography that the 360 Project manages to capture. While a photograph captures a specific moment, it only portrays one angle. While a video gives you sound and motion, it is also limited in its perspective. The 360 Project allows the audience to pan around the room, choosing audio from that specific section of the room, as if it is in surround sound. For example, you may hear snippets of a heartfelt wedding speech from one part of the room, or laughter from the audience from another. The sound is isolated so that the experience is more realistic. The result is a standalone piece of art from one of the most important moments of someone’s life.”

Jess & Josh

Rosewood London

Hannah & Joe

The Savoy London

Luxury Wedding Style Shoot

A quintessential London wedding experience and patriotic marriage of London’s finest brands. Set at the iconic Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, the organiser called upon John Nassari for his award winning photography, Neill Strain for his magnificent floral arrangements and Errol Douglas for his technical excellence in hairdressing. A royal favourite, Bruce Oldfield provided a classic dress for the occasion, paired with glamorous jewellery by Theo Fennell and alluring headwear by acclaimed Milliner Nigel Rayment.

Dar Jaguar

Lana & Rav

Anna & Alex

Hugo & Rachel

Patapia & Mark

Ski Base